the tribe

4 ways to join the tribe:

1) support us on ImpackHub

On July 26th, and with the help from the ibuylocal tribe, we promise to launch the biggest "buy local" celebration Newfoundland and Labrador has ever seen. Help us raise the funds we need to make it a success!

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2) order a festival pass

Get your all-access pass to the entire festival from July 26th to August 1st. It includes admission to special events during the festival, discounts, and high fives all around!

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3) connect your business

We are on a mission to form real connections between local businesses and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. Connect with us to help you share your story with the world!

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4) join us on Facebook

ibuylocal is launching a movement for people who love their city, want to help their community thrive, and yearn to be part of something special. Join our public Facebook group to hear about upcoming festivals, events, and local happen-ings to keep in the loop and contribute to the conversation.

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