ibuylocal t-shirt

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what is the ibuylocal t-shirt?

The ibuylocal t-shirt represents your pride and connection to place. When you wear the shirt you make a statement. You are showing others that you believe in the value of what it means to "buy local" and are challenging others to do the same

Oh, and you will feel amazing even before you put it on. You will quickly find out that it is the best quality t-shirt you will ever own.

how to use your ibuylocal t-shirt?

  1. Be sure to wear your ibuylocal t-shirt when you are out shopping (at local stores AND big box stores) 
  2. Don't forget to put it on during "ibuylocal moments" (head to our Facebook page for event news and updates)
  3. [VERY IMPORTANT] When wearing your ibuylocal t-shirt, then see someone else wearing one, make sure to give them a high five (even if they're on the other side of the street). If you are driving (and it is safe to do so), stop, get out, walk over to the person, and give them a high five. If it is not safe to do so, roll down your window, yell "ibuylocal", then give that person an "air high five".

when is the next ibuylocal moment?

Last summer, on July 27th, we organized our first ibuylocal moment, the Sidewalk Summer Showcase, and it was amazing! With support from over 40 downtown St. John's businesses, 15 market vendors, and 20 artists, we gave St. John's residents a reason to celebrate and enjoy what it truly means to buy local.

The Sidewalk Summer Showcase gave the people of St. John's an opportunity to enjoy a walk downtown with friends, family, or by themselves, and experience businesses from the sidewalk (and in-store) in a unique and engaging way. It was amazing. And, it's only going to get better!

To learn about upcoming events (announcements coming in the New Year), head to our Facebook page.  Be sure to Like and Follow us to get notified when we announce our next event.